Melvina is my personal trainer. And she is the ultimate best! I have worked with other personal trainers before but Melvina has been the most impactful in this health journey that I am in. She is the kind that encompasses everything that I need in a personal trainer. As a person over forty; she understands how to push my body in a way that is safe and fruitful. She does not judge nor make me feel guilty when I fall off of the wagon. She helps me have realistic goals and have encouraged me to think of alternative ways to exercise as well. I do not like cardio exercise but she knows how to encourage me to look at it in a more enjoyable way.

She is a great motivator. She knows how to push me to work harder in a the most positive manner. The kind of motivator that I need she possess in order for me to continue and to stay on track of my fitness goals. She is also very knowledgeable of our human anatomy and can answer articulately any questions that I may have. She communicates clearly and concisely. There is no guessing game when it comes to her.

I highly recommend her for your fitness needs, and I hold her in the highest regard!

Jhannet Acosta

Oakland, CA