Mpower Fit Testimonials



“Melvina has been so instrumental in my senior life. I had knee surgery and recovery with Melvina consisted of flexibility and strengthening. My Doctor said I would never be able to get on my knees after surgery. I am on my knees thanks to Melvina. I am stronger, more shapely, and a happy 64 y/o women now.”

Smiler Smith
Missouri City, TX

I started working with Melvina after a back injury, and she helped me figure out how to work out to strengthen my core and back without injuring it. I absolutely loved working with Melvina. She understood my fitness goals, helped push me to meet them, and taught me some great workout foundations. I would highly recommend Melvina whether you are new to training, or experienced and want a helping hand.

Hayley Carpenter
Dallas, TX

Not only is Melvina incredibly warm & inviting, she makes fitness approachable & tailored to what your body needs in the moment. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge & you would be so incredibly lucky to have her as your trainer & coach! 💘

Dallas, TX


I am grateful to have Melvina as my trainer. Her approach to my fitness has been holistic. Going deeper than diet and exercise, she’s equally concerned with my mental health and other factors impacting my life. The progress I’ve made is a result of her individualized plan crafted for my unique needs (I.e. spending months on stability and endurance before strength and conditioning). What I value the most is that she holds space for me to bring my authentic self to each session as she remains nimble enough to adjust as needed. GET YOU A MELVINA! You won’t regret it!

Donielle Johnson
Dallas, TX

I appreciate Melvina’s attentiveness to me during my work out sessions. I can always count on a good sweat and stretch after working out with her. She is supportive and dependable!

Chelbi Harris
No. Hollywood, CA

Mel is a fantastic instructor. She always keeps us motivated and is great with showing us modifications when needed. Also, she really teaches us some wonderful stretches. I highly recommend her.

Dallas, Texas

As a Chiropractor, I put physical stress on my body everyday. I started to see areas of weakness that led to an injury in 2020. After recovering I started working with Melvina to get my back “bulletproof” and we have been working on that for over a year. My strength, balance and ROM have never been better. Melvina has a systematic approach that takes into consideration the specific needs of her clients and their individual situations. I refer many of my clients to Melvina because I know they will be in great hands and achieve incredible results. Melvina has a fantastic work ethic and personality. She notes and tracks all sessions and pushes her clients to be better versions of themselves.

Michael Carr, D.C.
Dallas, TX

I have trained with Melvina for several years, and I cannot say enough good things about her. Her classes can be challenging, but she pays attention to make sure that you are honoring your body and getting the most for you out of her classes. I actually look forward to her classes and leave them physically energized and spiritually renewed.

Vicki Evertson
Dallas, TX

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