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Cigar Series (d): Sharing & Pairing ~ 3 min read

Puff-     Puff-     Pass? Not quite.            Not at all! Sharing a cigar is as refined as the cigar itself. Who you share the cigar with, what kind of cigar you share and the occasion has indelible implications. Also, cigars... Read More

Cigar Series (c): Cutting & Smoking ~ 4 min read

…aaaaaand, Cut – “What?” Cut! “In the perfect world, I would retire all this fabulousness traveling, promoting my wares, or – in the least – humidor bathing, but for the cut. I don’t have to like it, but I respect... Read More

Cigar Series (b): The Cigar ~ 5 min read

There’s nothing like a good pop-up lounge, and on a rooftop in Downtown Oakland. I am so here for it. Gurkha- Royal – Courtesan – Cigar. My friends call me Royal; you can call me Gurkha. Bay Royal Cigar Lounge,... Read More

Cigar Series (a): The Lounge ~ 5 min read

Cigars to lounges, are like kisses to elegant women … so blown. And just like an elegant woman: some are pillars, while others pop-up; Some foster politics, others … prayerfulness. Some are nurturing, consistent and faithful like a wife and... Read More