Mpower Your Fitness

Melvina Hayes is a NASM & PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer, a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach and has TRX and Les Mills certifications. Her clients are either leaning into a healthier lifestyle, need to strengthen their bodies and/or are maintaining their fitness goals. Her ideal client values their health and views personal training as a partnership on their wellness journey. As their ally, her clients restore strength and endurance, as well as gain an appreciation for flexibility, increased joint mobility and an overall increased knowledge of their bodies’ personal cadence and needs.

Because she has witnessed family & friends with a diminished quality of life due to various ailments and/or injuries, Melvina believes in the abundance of life and the significance of only having one vessel to experience its richness. Melvina empowers clients to do their part to avoid or abolish dis’ease in their bodies by responding to their wants with programming that intertwines their needs.

Melvina promotes personalized holistic health over generalized aesthetic aspiration, for we are all beautifully and uniquely designed! She approaches each session with presence of mind, prepared to modify programming based on the dynamic needs of her client, at that moment. She aims to eliminate physical fitness as an intimidating feat, making it a bite-size, high energy vibe that subsequently yields results.

After an initial assessment, Melvina writes corrective programs specific to clients’ needs. Her training philosophy is rooted in relationship building and empowerment. In lieu of just leading them through training sessions, she provides her clients with insights to aspects of their program and lifestyle adjustments they can make to complement it. However, she supports balanced living and encourages her clients to progress, not perfect, which increases sustainability and success.

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