Mpower Your Fitness

Melvina’s Credentials:
National Association of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
National Association of Sports Medicine, Certified Nutrition Coach
Personal Training Academy Global, Personal Training Certification
TRX Certified
Les Mills Certified

Melvina’s Why
Having faced the loss of family and friends to various ailments, Melvina embraces a holistic fitness philosophy that blends movement, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. She empowers clients to own their personal wellness journey by customizing a goal package that incorporates their wants and needs. As their ally, Melvina assists her clients in restoring strength and endurance, as well as gaining an appreciation for flexibility, increased joint mobility and a deeper understanding of their bodies’ unique rhythms and needs.

Clients’ Why
Melvina’s ideal client prioritizes their health and views personal training as a collaboration on their wellness journey.  They are open to transforming their mindset, committed to the challenge, and receptive to support. They celebrate their wins along the way!

Common Goals

    1. WE make fitness less intimidating, transforming it into an incremental, high-vibe experience that delivers results.
    2. WE advocate for balanced living, setting milestones that emphasize progress over perfection, which boosts sustainability and success.
    3. WE show up and trust the process.

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